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My Heart
by Carolyn Evans
My heart is for those behind prison walls because I know these have nearly been destroyed by the enemy they will rise up to be powerful warriors for the kingdom of God. Because they know the tricks of the evil one they will be able to share with others and they too will be set free.
God is raising up a army behind prison walls that will do some major damage to the kingdom of darkness. But as the light gets lighter the darkness will get darker. Lines are being draw there is no longer a large gray area things are shaking in the spirit realm and as they do it will stir up a lot a chaos as the light is taking over the darkness.
The power of righteousness is going to be what each of us must seek after with all of our hearts. We must desire the things of the kingdom and the things of the flesh have to be turned away because there is no place for them in our lives if we are to call ourselves sons and daughters of the Most High God.
As we take our place in the Kingdom He will move mountains for us, He will open doors for us, He will lead us in paths we have never known before, He will make the crooked way straight and my dear one He will anoint and equip each one of us for battle to speak forth those things that He places in our hearts as we go into our secret place to have the intimate time with Him that He desires.
We are a people of relationship and we can have Godly relationships or those that lead to death and destruction.
As we trust in the Father to take us in heavenly places we have never been before we need to seek after Him with every part of our being and as we do the supernatural will begin to flow through us. Signs and wonders will follow us wherever we go. We will lay hands on the sick and they will recover, people will be delivered from those things that keep them in bondage.
So take your sword and stand tall as the mighty warrior that God has called you to be.

Be blessed,
A mighty woman of God,