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Because A Grandma Prays

Two tiny hearts were beating, struggling in the womb.
The doctors came with their report...messengers of doom.
Though all was stacked against them; one didn't heed the odds,
you see there was a Grandma, who serves a mighty God.
Little Jack and Lucy, their future now in question;
one with hope continued, her prayerful intercession.
The stronghold ofthe enemy surely would be broken,
because there was a Grandma's love, her prayers of faith were spoken.
When all the facts are in; and they can only spell defeat.
Grandma knows God's Word is true...His victory, is sweet,
miracles of life will now prepare to write their story,
a Grandma with a God all the glory.
Now the children smile and you can feel the angels hovering;
blessed are those, whose Grandma prays...this will be their covering.
The twins receive a blessing, because a Grandma cares;
faithful is theOne she serves...the One who answers prayers.

Given to Grandma Carolyn
From her friend Cheryl Winchester

Copyright 2006 by Cheryl Wincherster