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Knowing Godís Will
Lesson Fifteen

MEMORY VERSE:Psalms 143:10 ďTeach me to do Thy will, for Thou art my God; Let Thy good Spirit lead me on level ground.Ē

Godís will could be divided into two parts: His determined will and His desired will. Godís determined will is that which He has determined will happen regardless of what is going on in this world. Godís desired will are those things that call for a human response...which leaves room for His desired will not to be fulfilled.
1. 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 is an example of Godís determined will. In your own words explain what will happen some time in the future.
2. Luke 13:34-35 is an example of Godís desired will. In your own words explain what God desired to have happen, why it didnít happen and what was the results.
This lesson will primarily deal with Godís desired will for our lives. The question most Christians ask, ďWhat does God want me to do?
Ē Will hopefully become more clear to you as you study this lesson. There are three things that are prerequisites for the person who is seeking Godís will.
A. 1 Corinthians 2:12_____________________________________________________
B. John 7:17______________________________________________________________
C. Acts 5:29______________________________________________________________
3. Psalms 32:8 Is it Godís will to give you personal direction and counsel?
The steps in discovering His will could be summed up in three words:
4. Why must Godís Word have a priority in our life in order to know His will?
A. Psalm 119:105__________________________________________________________
B. Psalm 119:130__________________________________________________________
5. John 16:13 Who helps you discern Godís will as you read His Word?
The better we know His Word, the better we will know His will.
6. Godís Word contains His revealed will. These are black and white truths that eliminate all guesswork, from the following Scriptures what are some of these truths?
A. 1 Thessalonians 4:3____________________________________________________
B. 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18________________________________________________
C. 2 Corinthians 6:14____________________________________________________________
According to Godís revealed will, should an unmarried couple pray and seek Godís will about whether or not they should engage in sexual activity?
It doesnít make sense to seek Godís will in prayer when He has already given a clear answer in His Word! Godís Word must have priority over feelings. Feelings can be very misleading.
7. Godís Word also contains principles to guide our lives. What does God say about these principles.
A. 1 Timothy 5:21_________________________________________________________
B. Hebrews 5:12___________________________________________________________
Principles are general guidelines to assist us through the gray areas. They arenít so much ďdo thisĒ and ďdonít do that,Ē but an appeal to use wisdom and discretion. Godís ďrevealed willĒ and His ďprinciplesĒ could be compared to our traffic laws. A sign that reads ďspeed limit 35" is Godís revealed will. A sign that reads ďdrive carefullyĒ is a principle.
8. What are some of these principles?
A. 2 Corinthians 9:6______________________________________________________
B. Galatians 6:7__________________________________________________________
C. Matthew 6:33___________________________________________________________
D. Matthew 7:12___________________________________________________________
E. Romans 13:1____________________________________________________________
F. Romans 13:8____________________________________________________________
G. Psalms 37:3-5__________________________________________________________
H. Proverbs 3:6___________________________________________________________
LOOK AROUND AND WITHIN 9. Acts 16:6-10 The believer must remain sensitive to Godís leading not forcing his way into areas that God has not opened. Patience and timing are very important. How did the apostle Paul exhibit sensitivity and patience concerning Godís will and how did God lead Paul?
10. Colossians 3:15 As you look within, what indication should you have that Christ is leading you?
(Many Christians refer to this as ďthe witness of the Holy SpiritĒ as evidenced by inner peace)
11. 1 Corinthians 14:33 What is a sign that the Lord is NOT the one leading you?
12 James 1:5-6; Psalm 27:14 What should you do if you donít have clear direction?
13. Proverbs 27:17; Proverbs 20:5 What do these Scriptures mean to you?
14. Letsí look at some examples of Godly counsel. A. Exodus 18:13-27 What was Mosesí problem and how was it solved?
B. 1 Chronicles 27:32; Ezra 7:10 What type of person gives Godly counsel?
C. Titus 2:3-5 Who should a young woman go to for counsel?
Be careful not to seek other peopleís counsel instead of seeking Godís counsel in your life. That could lead into an unhealthy dependency on people rather than depending on God.

* Three things should be in agreement concerning Godís will:
* The Word *The witness of the Holy Spirit
*Doors to open and circumstances to line up

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