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Convicted By Christ River Rafting July 2017

Byron's House of Hope
Transitional home for those returning to San Juan County
Isaiah Ladies Recovery God's Way Graduation
Hobbs Family Day
Revival at the Federal Holding Facility in Estancia, NM There were 120 salvations in 2 days, out of 350 inmates.

Isaiah Women's Outreach

Estancia Morotcycle Rally

Some of the Isaiah team went on a week long trip to some prisons. Center picture Roy Gomez, Suzanne Rio, Carolyn Evans, Gail Maples, Dot Maners, Ernie Maners
March 22-27

22...GCCF...Santa Rosa, NM, 23...Dick Ware...Colorado City, Texas

24...Daniel...Snyder, Texas 25-26 LCCF...Hobbs, N.M.

Motorcycle rally with the Christian Motorcycle Association and Isaiah Ministries, June 5-6, 2009
Torrance County Detention Facility it is the Federal Marshall holding facility. We had 16 motorcycles and 34 on the ministry team.

Craig and Joshua in the hall at the prison - The whole team

Hiram and Sharon Villasenor Regional Evangelish for CMA Chaplain John Moffitt - Warden Ezell
Motorcycle Ralley at Los Lunas Central Correctional Facility, September 28, 2008
The Believer's Club

May 3, 2008, The Believers Club at the Central Correctional Facility in Los Lunas, NM had an appreciation banquet for the volunteers.
They cooked hamburgers and hot dogs and lots of cakes. They gave certificates to the volunteers and had drawings for door prizes.

Christian Motorcycle Association (CMA)
Rally at the Women's Facility, Grants, NM.
July 2007 {During Fire & Ice Rally}


Christmas Time

Every year Carolyn Evans, Sharon Villasenor, and Dot Maners put on a Crazy Christmas for the ladies at the women's facility in Grants.
It is a very hard time for the women and we present the gospel with a little laughter and fun.


All day Revival at Estancia, NM.
Ken and Darla

Bob and June Kimmel        Mama Sue Samaritan house
Samaritan House                 volunteer and prison volunteer

Eddie and Nora Galvan
prison volunteers
What a powerful time in the Lord we had on our week long trip visiting with and ministering to our brothers in Christ. We were blessed beyond belief to know that there is no distance when it comes to the Lord and the mutual love that each of us has for the Father.
We had a awesome time in Santa Rosa and the fellowship with the brothers there. I wish we could get there more often they were so thankful that we were there we saw many familiar faces of brothers in the Lord.
When we arrived in Colorado City, Texas our rooms for the two nights was going to be around $600.00 and we were blessed by Samaritan House to stay there. It is a place with about 45 rooms that allows families to stay on the weekends so they can visit their loved ones in the Dick Ware or the Daniel Units. The presence of the Lord was so awesome and Brother Bob and Sister June were so gracious to allow us to stay. Then there was Brother Eddie and Sister Nora and the blessed saint Mama Sue who went with us to the Dick Ware Unit where we were blessed beyond belief in the presence of the Lord. Words can not even explain the outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit not only on the men but on each of us. We were having a hard time even standing up the anointing was so strong.
Then on Wednesday night we were at the Daniel Unit and the men welcomed us with open arms and we felt like we were someone famous the way we were welcomed and catered to. We didn’t want to leave and Sister Addie what a blessing and the Chaplain was so awesome and friendly. We didn’t want to leave Texas…
We were in Hobbs on Thursday night a little bit of a spiritual warfare but God prevailed and lives were touched.
Then we rocked on with the men at the same facility on Friday night and we were blessed with the ending of our trip in such a powerful way to see the miracles of God and legs growing out before our very eyes.
Then home on Saturday back to our normal lives whatever normal is.
This trip was so awesome and God moved mightily every where we went. We were blessed financially because of the Samaritan house we had no problems and the team laughed, cried, prayed, what a glorious time in the Lord. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed how God has opened up so many doors for us. How He continues to bless us financially so that we can continue on in what He has called us to do.
As we continue on in the fight to bring many to Christ and to tear down strong holds in lives may we always remember it is only by
The Hand of God and His anointing that we can do anything
For without Him we are nothing for He is the beginning and the end, and if it were not for HIM there would be nothing. He has breathed breath into us for a reason and that we would be in relationship with Him and only Him. He is the only true God and only through His Son can we have forgiveness from the sin that is in our lives. We are a blessed generation to live in such a time as this when the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit is blowing through the land with so much power, fire and authority.
So unto Him I give all glory, honor and praise for who I am and for the Isaiah team that He has breathed into existence.
So until next time continue to seek the Lord and His purpose and destiny for your life.