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How Isaiah Ministries Was Birthed
By Carolyn Evans
October 13, 2006

    When I came back to the Lord on Christmas day of 1995, I wanted my life to be totally sold out to the Lord. On February of 1996, I started going to the jail to see teenage girls every Wednesday at 3:30.
   I was faithful to go, never seeing anything happen, and felt like I was being thrown into the Lions Den at times.
   Then in the early summer of 2000, I moved over to the women’s section of the jail.
   Then one of the ladies got transferred to the women’s prison, and her mom called me and asked if I could call the chaplain and tell her the lady's dad was about to die. I did, and the Lord prompted me to ask her if we could come down to the prison to minister.
   I sent her some material and I ask my friend Sharon to call her to set up an appointment, because I was out of town. She called Chaplain, and she asked her what the name of the team was, and Sharon told her it is written there on the material that I had sent her, which at that time we had no name and no team.
   The Chaplain said, “Well, she has Isaiah 42:16 written on everything.”
   Sharon told her, “ That’s the name of the team, Isaiah 42:16”.
   And that is how we came into being. We started at the women’s prison in October of 2000 in Grants, NM., then the men’s prison in January of 2005 in Grants, NM.
   We have been to the Estancia prison three times, and to Santa Rosa once, and the Lord is still opening doors for us.
   We are at the women’s prison the first weekend, the first Tuesday, the third weekend, the third Monday. We are at the men’s prison the first weekend, the third weekend and the fourth Wednesday of every month.
   We began going to Los Lunas in March of 2007, and will be going to Sante Fe in June of 2008.    Update 2015 We are still doing bible studies through the mail have had around 2000 inmates do the study. We are currently going to the Penitentiary of New Mexico in Santa Fe, Western in Grants, RDC in Los Lunas, Federal Holding in Chaparral, Meth Center in Farmington and SJCDC in Farmington. We have a support group for men Convicted By Christ and one for ladies Isaiah Ladies Recovery God's Way both at 6:30 On Thursday at World Harvest Center in Farmington.